CloudCounting charges an hourly rate for training sessions.

If you have more than one staff member and wish to offer a course to your staff on specific training content, we can quote you a fixed fee and provide a sample course agenda.

If you require bookkeeping services to be provided, we can quote you an hourly rate or a fixed monthly fee.

Most training meetings take approximately two hours to cover training themes such as setup of your company MYOB file, entering information from your bank statement, BAS, and end of month procedures.

If you have quick queries and phone or email, there is generally no charge for this.  If your query takes some time to answer, we will charge in 15 minute increments for this service.  We endeavour to return your phone calls and emails on the same day.

Remote assistance can be provided via an online meeting software, which allows screen sharing and remote control access.

Give us a call on 0458 827 243 and we can advise you of the hourly rate and our estimate of the total cost for your meeting.

We invoice using detailed timelines, so you can see exactly where the time has been spent.  Invoices are emailed to you and are payable within fourteen days.

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